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North Pole scanner - what is the next event?

by Paul Media December 20, 2016

North Pole scanner - what is the next event?

We have interviewed Louis Desrosiers, president of Urbann Products, about the recent announcement made in Urbann's office: The Launching of the North Pole scan machine.

Mr. Desrosiers, can you tell us a bit more about this launch?

Certainly. We got reports a few weeks ago about some activities around the north pole. You must know that we have a lectern up there. A customer bought a lectern last year and was kind of vague about where we should ship it. This brought our attention. He finally asked us to send it to an anonymous warehouse in a large canadian city. "I'll take it from there" he said. This was bizarre we thought.

And what happened next?

Nothing. We completely forgot about the guy after shipping the lectern! We never heard from him since.


Well, we got reports as I said a few weeks ago about an event that would take place up there. We don't know what it will be and this is unusual. You must know that we have a special chip in each lectern we sell that monitors its usage and sends us the description of each event using our lecterns. For instance I can tell you that as we speak there is exactly 382 conferences being held around the globe involving our lecterns. Subjects are ranging from "Producing raspeberries in a yellow Ford F-150" to "How to achieve happiness through the usage of plastic forks". There even is one about...

That's fine. Let just head back to your announcement...

Well, that's the point. The chip of that lectern NEVER WORKED! We don't know a thing about it. What it is doing, what are the events it is involved in, we know nothing. We just barely know that the location of lectern is somewhere around the North Pole.

I see. So, this is where your North Pole scan machine comes into play.

Exactly. We want to know what is in preparation there. We need to scan a large area though so the work is a long process. We even will work 24/7 from now until this mystery is resolved.

How can we follow your progression?

We will post on Twitter and Facebook any info we get, as soon as we get them. It seems very quiet for now, but we think the activity will be picking up around the 24th of December. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and you will be the most up to date persons on Earth.

Well, thanks Mr. Desrosiers. We definitely hope your search will be fruitful.

Thanks. Be reassured. We are on duty.

Paul Media
Paul Media


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