Why our lecterns are for you

  • by Louis Desrosiers

Our lecterns and podiums are perfect for giving conferences, public presentations or speaches. 

If you are a university, a college or a school, we have what you need. If you are a hotel, if you run a restaurant or a conference center, you will find the great products that will set you apart. If you are a city, an art center or a non-profit organization, you will find the items that will proudly represent your group.

Make a lasting impression with our chic designs that improve the image of your organization and thus guarantees the impact of your message.

You want to hide behind a lectern and avoid a shaking leg from behind seen from the front? We have models that offer all the "hiding" capacities needed, no problem. You prefer a thin post that kind of "disapear" from sight? We have models for that too. Urbann's perfect ergonomics translates in full comfort while using the podium, greater confidence for the speaker and better message delivery. 

Best of all, our lecterns fit man and woman, tall and small.


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Each item is carbon neutral, and trees are planted to renew the wood we use.

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