Lectern's New Owner Exclusive Package

Prepare for the lectern assembly
Start here! Tips for the lectern's assembly

We thought it would be great to let you know in advance what is coming your way: You will get 1 to 3 boxes (depending on model) and will have some simple assembly to do. Don't worry we will guide you along the way.  Assembly tipically takes from 30 to 45 minutes. (more)...

Lectern ethiquette - knowing the 2 basic rules

Extra! Lectern Etiquette: 2 simple rules to become a connaisseur

Knowing and applying lectern’s etiquette and protocol shows that you respect the audience. Here are two simple rules, overlooked by most, that will make you a distinguished connaisseur. (more)...

15 tips to become a great speaker

Extra! 15 simple tips you can't miss out to become a great speaker

Speaking in public contains traps that can turn a simple speech into a real purgatory. We gathered 15 simple ideas to implement, unknown to most people, that will make you a popular speaker... (more)...

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