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5 reasons to select our podiums

by Louis Desrosiers February 02, 2013

1. Better branding - improve your image

The lectern is the stand that highlights your speech, it presents both the message and the organization. It must display the same quality. In the communication world, the clothes make the man. Exclusive design and reknown elegance enhancing your brand image and the prestige of your events.

2. Greater impact and better message

The exceptional ergonomics gives you comfort and confidence. You are able to deliver your best performance with more control of the message and a better impact.

3. Growing with your needs

The exclusive and new Evolutive Reading Plate can evolve with your lectern to suit your needs. A series of interchangeable modules can be grafted multiplying the functionality of your lectern.

4. Designed to combine art and function

It is no longer necessary to choose between beauty and function. Opt for both. Our lecterns are designed exclusively by renowned designers Louis Desrosiers and Julie Boucher and take both art and functionality.

5. A timeless collection

The Signature Collection offers a wide selection of lecterns, all celebrated for their elegance. You will benefit from a lectern exclusive blend of sophistication and efficiency.

Louis Desrosiers
Louis Desrosiers


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