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15 simple tips you can't miss out for becoming a great speaker (part B)

by Louis Desrosiers September 27, 2016

Speaking in public contains traps that can turn a simple speech into a real purgatory. Here are 15 simple ideas to implement, unknown to most people, that will make you a popular speaker. 

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6 Do not read your notes
Unless you give a speech at a solemn ceremony (where each word is important and where a mistake is not allowed), it is not cool to read a continuous text when you stand behind a lectern. This prevents visual contact with the audience and brings the use of a monotone voice that becomes quickly boring.

7 Do not read your slides
Do not make the mistake to read the content of the slides. Only display a few keywords and make the links between them verbally.

8 Speak slowly
To make yourself understood, you must speak more slowly than during a conversation. You must make a pause at the end of every sentence or so. The American preachers have understood this need. You must allow time for listeners to grab the message. They must in turn be almost capable to see you thinking, preparing the following sentence. Do not rush.

9 Speak loudly
You must speak louder than normal. It is like in actor in a play, without the drama. Speaking louder compels you to speak more clearly, emphasizing the pronunciation. Inevitably this leads to speak more slowly, which is another goal.

10 Do not lower your voice on the last syllable
Make sure your audience will hear the last syllable of your sentences. With practice, you will find it much easier to mark the end of a sentence without lowering the tone.

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Louis Desrosiers
Louis Desrosiers


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