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Anti-Microbial Lecterns

Anti-Microbial Lecterns

Each lectern in this collection offers a version with an antibacterial finish for the top panel of the lectern.

Urbann is the first and only manufacturer in the world to offer an anti-microbial lectern. The new finish for the lectern's top plate (the area mostly in contact with the user) rapidly kills 99% of bacterias and micro-organisms and deactivates viruses. You can now benefit from a safer environment with an Urbann's lectern featuring the exclusive SAF+R anti-microbial finish.

The top plate of the lecterns is powder-coated with the special SAF+R anti-microbial paint. This finish is already used in hospital furniture across America. 

Urbann's SAF+R powder coating features:

  • Silver ion technology – silver has long been known for its antimicrobial, antiviral properties

  • Broad-spectrum activity against bacteria, yeasts, and mold

  • Long term activity

  • Multiple antimicrobial mechanisms

  • Retains anti-microbial properties even after repeated washings

  • Outstanding durability

  • Environmentally friendly - LEED credits